1. Notify Your Supervisor or Management Of Your Work Injury in WestPalm Beach.

Inform your employer of your work injury immediately following the accident or when you can, depending on the severity of your injuries. Regardless of who’s to blame for your work accident, workers’compensation insurance is no-fault, so employees should not fear of being without coverage or not being able to pay for their work injuries in PalmBeach.


In addition to, employees should not fear retaliation such as losing ajob or decrease in pay for reporting a work accident because that is illegal. After you have been injured whether it was a construction site accident in Palm Beach or a slip and fall accident in Palm Beach, or any other work accident in Palm Beach County, obtain as many details of the scene as possible. Take names of witnesses, the time it occurred, how your personal injury happened, the location, date and any photos if possible. If you are notable to obtain this information due to your severe work injuries in West Palm Beach, have someone else take down this information.


However, some work injuries happen over time known as repetitive stress injury. As soon as you start feeling any discomfort, report it to your supervisor and document the work that is contributing to the discomfort and any changes you are experiencing.The repetitive stress injuries that Advocates USA, your experienced work injury lawyers, often see through workers’ compensation claims included:



  • Disc injuries
  • Stress fractures
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Lumbar fractures


2. Promptly File Your Workers’ Compensation Claim.

If you have sustaineda work injury in Florida, you have 30 days to notify your employer of yourwork accident and file a workers’ compensation claim in West Palm Beach.This also includes any condition or illness that has developed over time. You have 30 days to notify your employer from the date of discovery. Althoughyou have 30 days to report your work accident that has caused your personal injuries, it is important to notify your employer immediately so your workers’ compensation claim can be processed and can eliminate any delay of compensation or wiggle room for the insurance company to deny your work injury claim due to technicality.


3. Seek Medical Attention.

If you have experienced a work related injury your main concern should be your health. Whether it was a severe work accident in Palm Beach or you are experiencing discomfort from repetitive movements, our work accident lawyers at Advocates USA suggests you seek treatment from your personal doctor and report your personal injuries to your employer if you and your doctor feel they are work related.


Once the workers’ compensation has begun, the insurance company will most likely want you to submit an independent medical examination (IME)from a doctor within the Employers network. This IME will determine the severities of your work injuries and the compensation the insurance company feels you deserve. If you feel the doctor mis represented your personal injuries, your pain or the insurance company under valued your claim you should hire a Palm Beach work accident lawyer at Advocates USA.


4. Follow Your Doctors Instructions.

Per usual, following your doctor’s orders is a must especially if you are in the process of a workers’ compensation claim. Insurance companies are eager to either dismiss your claim or under value your compensation so do not give them a reason. This includes attending all your appointments and therapy appointments, following your prescribed treatments and medication and only perform the work duties permitted.


5. If Your Claim Was Denied or Undervalued Consult With Workers’Compensation Lawyers At Advocates USA.

Unfortunately when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and compensation for personal injuries during a work accident in Palm Beach County, workers’ compensation insurance companies are quick to deny or under value your claim. If you fallin to this category, contact experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Advocates USA for a free consultation and we can help you appeal your claim.


Regardless of your process, Advocates USA is the best personal injury attorneys when it comes to personal injuries and work accidents in Palm Beach County. We know how to navigate the system and handle the bully insurance companies. We want to hear from you if you have suffer from work injuries and are starting a workers’ compensation claim, you are in the process, or you would like to appeal a decision on a claim that was already filed. We want to help get the compensation you deserve. Contact your personal injury lawyers and experienced work attorneys today for a free evaluation calling 1-88-872-4878 or fill out the contact form in our website.

People also ask

What is a worker's comp attorney? 


A knowledgeable workers' comp attorney can help you structure a settlement properly for your Social Securiry disability payments. If your settlement isn't structure properly, your workers comp benefits could be significantly lower. Workers comp lawyers are essential in cases involving permanent injuries or illness. 


How do workers comp lawyers get paid?

Workers' compensation lawyers usually receive a fixed percentage of the benefits that a sick or injured worker is awarded. Workers' compensation lawyers will typically get between 15% to 30% of your settlement amount; in a case where you settle for $100,000, your attorney's fee could be $15,000 to $30,000.


How workers comp works in Florida?

The law limits the amount of time you can receive workers' compensation. Florida's workers' compensation system is designed to get workers back to work as soon as possible. Once the doctor releases you back to work, the insurance company does not have to keep issuing workers' compensation benefits to the injured employee. To get more information contact Advocates USA Attorneys today for your free consultation.


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Regardless of your profession, there are potential dangers that come with every joband personal injuries in West Palm Beach are prominent. Whether you are a construction worker, work with hazardous material, an office clerk, dangerous conditions always linger. And due to these risks, in Florida State it is mandatory for almost all employers to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance in an effort to ensure all employees will be fairly compensated if they have sustained workinjuries, so employees do not have to file a work injury lawsuit in Palm Beach.


However there are stipulations to the eligibility of workers’ compensation and that main rule is to report your work injury immediately to your supervisor and follow the correct workers’ compensation process. Even still, insurance companies will either deny or under value your work injury claim in Palm Beach County. Our personal injury lawyers at Advocates USA in West Palm Beach has put together a list of 5 tips to follow to help give you the best opportunity to claim the most workers’ compensation benefits in Florida you are owed if you have sustained personal injuries while on the job in West Palm Beach.



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