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If you have been injured while on the job, Florida legislatives laws governing Work Injuries requires most employers to have workers compensation. If you have been injured while working, regardless of the industry, you could file a claim for your injuries sustained. Worker’s comp is a system that provides benefits to injured employees without the need to prove who was at fault for the accident. However an instance where you would not be covered under this benefit is for self inflicted injuries such as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while working. If you were injured while working you must report your injury within 30 days of the injured date to your employer even if you feel it is not a big deal. Later down the road, your minor injury could cause you great agony. Provide your employer with the following information:

  • Time and date of the injury that occurred
  • Location of the accident
  • Cause of the accident
  • Names of any witnesses
If you have suffered minor injuries that heals with treatment, worker’s compensation usually works with you, these minors injuries include:
  • Injuries that don’t require extensive medical treatment
  • Injuries that does not result in permanent injuries
  • Injuries that do not require you to miss long periods of time out of work
  • Injuries that are clearly work related


When Should I Contact A Lawyer?

If your injuries require you to miss work and worker’s compensation will not cover wage loss benefits or anytime you need to dispute your claim with the insurance company, you should hire a lawyer to represent you. This process can be quite complex and create headaches because insurance companies like to pay the least possible, which is why you should contact Advocates USA to help you collect compensation for your work injury. Contact us if:

Your work claim has been denied: Worker’s compensation will deny your claim for a number of reasons such as your claim was filed to late or your injury was not directly correlated with work.

You have a preexisting condition: If you have previous injured the same body part that you did at work the insurance company will likely blame your injury on your previous condition rather than the work conditions that led to your current injury. This will be an uphill battle with the insurance company.

You are experiencing difficultly getting the treatment needed for your injuries: If you need extensive treatments or treatments that are expensive such as surgeries, insurance companies often deny or delay the approval.

Your are not able to work to the full extent or at all: If your injures sustained while working has prohibited you to return to work in the full capacity, return at all or you need to change professions.

Insurance company disputed your permanent disability: A majority of worker’s compensation settlements and awards are for permanent disability claims. Often times the injured will need a permanent disability rating from your treating doctor and the insurance company will not agree. The insurance company will require you to seek an independent medical examination by a doctor of their choosing. This rating is often much lower than your treating doctor and they will use this rating to justify paying you less.

You are receiving other government benefits. If you are currently receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits they could be reduced if you begin collecting worker’s compensation.

Mini-trial with worker’s compensation: If the insurance refuses to settle or gives you a reduced offer you will need to take your case to trial.

What Can A Lawyer Do For Me?

Anytime you are dealing with insurance companies it’s typically in your best interest to hire a lawyer who has experience negotiating and taking insurance companies to court. They can make this process very intimidating and at times any dollar amount will sound good to the employee. Working with Advocates USA will land you a better chance of receiving a higher settlement because we know the law, we have many years negotiating with insurance companies and we use strategic methods to build strong cases. Additional ways we can help you with your worker’s compensation injury, but not limited to:

  • If you are collecting Social Security Benefits and you begin collecting worker’s compensation, your social security benefits may be reduced. Your lawyers will help minimize the amount that is reduced or, your lawyer will help you minimize the amount of social security. In addition to if you are collecting Medicare you may be required to put a side a portion of the money received from worker’s compensation for future treatments. We can help you organize and set this up so it is to your advantage.
  • If you are denied permanent disability a lawyer can dispute your permanent disability rating that was conducted by an independent examiner or convince a judge that you are entitled to a higher rating.
  • Your lawyers would put pressure on the insurance companies to speed up the approval processes.
  • File an appeal and formal paperwork, use legal tools and gather evidence, hire medical experts to determine the severity of the injuries sustained and to what degree of immobility you will likely have later.


How Much Will a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Cost?

If you need to hire a lawyer, you will not need to pay your attorneys at Advocates USA until we win your case or settle for you. We work on a contingency-fee basis. After you receive your compensation award we will take a reasonable percentage of your earnings. Contact us today if you have been denied or receiving inadequate benefits. Our team of experienced worker’s comp lawyers will fight to win the compensation you deserve for your work injuries.


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