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Types Of Accidents And Everything You Need To Know If You Face A Car Accident​ | Advocates USA

Without a doubt, when you are involved in an accident, it becomes a moment of high tension and nervousness. The most important thing to remember for those involved is to stay calm and find the quickest solution. 

Are you aware of the different car accidents that exist and what to do if you are involved in any of the different types? In this article, we will teach you everything related to these situations.If you live in Florida, unfortunately, it is quite common to experience a type of car accident, especially in large areas like palm beach county, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami.  

Accidents are totally unexpected and often inevitable to avoid; however, you need to be informed of how to react appropriately and promptly to each type of accident in the aftermath. Being aware and acting sensibly could get you more compensation for the damage, both material and physical. 

However, an essential aspect of a car accident is to determine who was responsible, since knowing this will help you streamline the procedures when hiring an attorney near you. In general, we will inform you about the most common types of car crashes and who would be responsible in each case. 

  • Ignoring traffic signs: This is a prevalent type of crash since, in most cases, disrespecting the traffic lights can cause a detrimental outcome for those involved, including its passengers. This usually occurs when the red light is not respected, and the driver accelerates to reach the other side of the street. When speed is involved, the degree of fatality is increased. Without a doubt, the negligence lies in the drivers who did not respect the traffic signal. 
  • Improper crossing: This situation occurs when two cars running in parallel collide when one of them makes an unexpected turn towards oncoming traffic. In this case, the immediate fault is the driver who caused the pass through. 
  • Rear-end crash: This can occur when the car in front abruptly stops causing the vehicle behind to rear-end the car in front. In theory, the at-fault driver would be the car who rear-ended the vehicle in front since it is considered the car behind was not respecting security distance. 
  • Crossing into the parelle lane: This situation typically occurs when a car is driving parallel with another, leaves its lane colliding with the neighboring car. For this situation, the at-fault driver is the one that went out of its corresponding lane.

 These would be the most common causes of auto accidents on Florida roads. Most of them, except for colliding when ignoring traffic signals, typically do not generate significant physical damage but can present severe material damage. If you are the victim of an event such as those mentioned above, we recommend you contact our auto accident attorneys.

If you are in the West Palm Beach Florida area and have a car accident, you can put your case in our hands; don’t lose your rights. Our attorneys serve West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas in the state of Florida. Call Advocates USA today for a free consultation at 1-800-872-4878 or fill out our contact form. We are personal injury attorneys for the people. We fight for you! 


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