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People involved in personal injury or workplace accidents face the same devastating issues, and our trusted attorneys at Advocates USA in Naples, Florida, are here to help rebuild your life given your unfortunate circumstances. Most victims face different forms of pain and suffering, but the common denominator every victim of personal injury or workplace accidents face is the financial burden. People who were injured at the workplace, in a slip-and-fall, in an auto accident, or in construction accidents, may not be able to return to work. Their medical bills are mounting up, and they are paying for their expenses out of pocket, which puts them further behind on their finances.

Questions regarding a personal injury?

Our goal at Advocates USA is to help people injured in workplace personal injury accidents get the compensation they need to recover from these sudden tragedies. We are the attorneys for the people during these types of life-altering events. Our attorneys understand the heartbreak and burdens you endure, and we can assure you that our workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys will listen with empathy, take your pain and suffering and put it into action. We have fought for victims injured due to someone else’s negligence for decades with a proven track record in and out of court.

What to do after a workplace accident or auto accident in naple, Florida

Our Naples Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Advocates USA have represented victims injured in all types of accidents from slip-and-fall accidents, workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, dog bites, rideshare accidents, and medical malpractice. Advocates USA recommends conducting the following after an accident:

Auto Accident In Naples

  1. Stay calm
  2. Make sure there are no serious injuries
  3. Do not leave the scene of the accident
  4. Protect yourself by staying inside your car
  5. Contact the police immediately
  6. Do not accept blame for the accident
  7. Take pictures and video of the damage
  8. Talk to witnesses who were present during the accident
  9. Call your auto insurance and inform them of your accident
  10. Call a car accident attorney near you

Workplace or Construction Accident

  1. Report your injury immediately to your manager or Human Resource Department even if you feel you have a minor injury.
  2. Keep a log detailing everything that happens, including photos or videos from your work accident or construction accident as well as your injuries. Document everything you said to report your work injury, as well as everything your employer did in response to your report.
  3. Make a list of the witnesses present during your work accident and what they saw.
  4. Keep track of your doctor visits, especially if it is a doctor selected by your employer. Often doctors chosen by your employer will declare you as OK when you are genuinely suffering.
  5. Get medical attention for your personal injuries.
  6. Call an experienced workers’ compensation or work injury attorney in Naples.

If you were injured at work or suffered injuries from an accident and you believe someone else’s negligence caused the injuries, or you are being denied your legal rights, contact our personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys in Naples. We are available for a free consultation 24 hours a day. Call 1-877-872-4878. We serve injured victims in Collier County.

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