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Personal injury attorney for bike and electric scooter accidents in miami

Have you been hit by a car while riding a bike or electric scooter in Miami, Florida?

The use of electric scooters are exploding especially in Florida due to the consistently warm weather and other numerous reason whether they are easy to use, cheaper than purchasing a car, fun to ride or they can get you around fast. Whatever the reason may be, sales are booming, but so too are the growing pains. Florida State has classified electric scooters as motor vehicles, and lawmakers are constantly revisiting the laws and how to share the roadways and sidewalks effectively. Florida has seen their cities less congested with cars as more people turn to rent or using an e-scooter. Unfortunately, many people are injured by a car while riding their scooter or a pedestrian getting hit by an electric scooter in Miami, Florida. Before you make your next purchase, Advocates USA has provided information to think about. 

In 2019 The HB 453 bill signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis legalized the use of electric scooters in Florida. Depending on your jurisdiction, electric scooters may or may not be prohibited to use on roadways, sidewalks, and bike paths. If you are caught using an e scooter on a sidewalk in certain cities in Florida, Florida Statute 316.1995 states you could be given a citation and up to a criminal citation for operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

Before you rent or buy a scooter, take time to read your cities ordinances to ensure you are abiding by the law.

According to Florida State Law, motorized scooters/gopeds are small two or three-wheel vehicles that a person may stand or sit upon to operate or ride. Some have electric motors, and some have gas engines. The steering is managed by the use of a T Shaped handlebar. 

Where can E-Scooters be used?

Per section , Florida Statutes, a county or municipality may enact an ordinance to permit, control, or regulate the operation of vehicles, golf carts, mopeds, motorized scooters, and electric personal assistive mobility devices on sidewalks or sidewalk areas when such use is permissible under federal law. The ordinance must restrict such vehicles or devices to a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour in such areas.

There are companies like Lime, Bird, Spin, and Jump that have been given special ordinances to rent scooters. But not all cities in Florida have allowed this. The city of West Palm Beach and Miami and Palm Beach, for example, has approved these companies to rent scooters citing only people 16 years or older can rent a scooter, and anyone 18 years or under of 18 must wear a helmet.

Who is Responsible For Scooter Accidents in Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida?

Like other personal injury accidents and construction accidents, Scooter accidents can involve numerous parties, and different types of accidents can include different liability. Liability could be placed in the hands of the manufacturer, to negligent driving, unsafe roadways, or other hazards, or the scooter driver himself could be liable if they cause an accident with a pedestrian or motorists that result in injuries.

Before you jump on an electric scooter, ensure you know the local ordinances and company rules for legal operation. If you don’t have insurance coverage, it is best to obtain it in case you get in an accident.

Like most accidents, the party liable for the accident is responsible for paying financial damages to the plaintiff. However, scooter accidents are unique because there may not be the typical avenues of economic recovery. 

It is best to have an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side to protect your rights. If you or a loved one sustained injuries in an electric scooter accident, contact Advocates USA for a free consultation at 1-800-872-4878 or fill out our contact form.


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