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What to do if you crash your motorcycle| Attorneys for Motorcycle Accident 

Florida is one of the few States that doesn’t require an insurance policy to obtain a motorcycle license. However, this can be highly deceiving. You could face severe penalties if you crash your motorcycle without insurance, and the motorcycle accident is your fault and causes injuries or damage to another vehicle, property, or person. In addition, if you don’t have liability insurance, you may face civil fines, have your license suspended, and lose the privilege to ride. Therefore, obtaining motorcycle insurance is in your best interest to reduce the high costs of motorcycle accidents, including medical bills and other accident expenses that accrue, which could be financially devastating. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida, Advocates USA could advise you on what to do if you crash your motorcycle. We are the attorneys for Motorcycle accidents in Florida. To schedule a free consultation, call 1-800-872-4878, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do’s and Don’ts After Being In A Motorcycle Accident In Florida

Motorcycle accidents can have life-altering consequences. Many injuries are lifelong, so knowing what to do after your crash is essential. The best thing you can do as an injured motorist is to be proactive by following the steps below and having an experienced attorney, like Advocates USA, who knows how to fight these types of cases.

Unfortunately, even the most cautious and prepared motorcyclists can be involved in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence or recklessness of a driver of a larger vehicle. Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do immediately after a motorcycle accident:

What to do after a motorcycle accident

  • Dial 911 as soon as possible for law enforcement and medical attention.
  • Ensure you and anyone else involved stay out of the way of oncoming traffic.
  • Get information, including the names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information of the people involved in the accident and any eyewitnesses.
  • Record information about the other vehicles involved in the collision, such as make, model, year, and license plate number.
  • Seek competent legal advice to protect your rights at all stages of your case.

What avoid after a motorcycle accident

  • Make statements related to the accident to anyone other than law enforcement officials.
  • Apologize to the other parties involved in the accident, regardless of who you think may be injured or who is blamed for the collision.
  • Discuss with other drivers or eyewitnesses what happened or who was at fault.
  • Do not sign documents of any other party or witness who intends to convey the details of the accident.
  • Only sign the papers for the insurance company representative who contacts you after the accident.

As long as you can follow these steps. The most important thing after an accident is receiving medical attention for your injuries and speaking with an attorney to file a personal injury claim immediately.

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Before signing any documents presented to you by insurance companies, seek the advice of experienced legal counsel. Advocates USA, our Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, will thoroughly review your case to ensure that all available avenues of recovery are pursued for your case and your injuries. Otherwise, he could relinquish his legal rights and receive proper compensation for his injuries and losses. Meet with one of our Florida motorcycle accident attorneys for a free consultation by calling 1-800-872-4878. Allow Advocates USA to fight for your rights.


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