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What Are My Rights If I Had An Accident At Work?

In this article, we will talk about , what you should do, what rights you have to compensation for your injuries in West Palm Beach, Florida, and how a personal injury and work accident attorney can help you get the maximum compensation for your personal injuries.

Construction work is one of the highest risks for accidents. Construction areas are high-risk workspaces, so if you work in construction in Florida, you must take the necessary preventive measures to avoid injuries or accidents at work.

The United States Department of Labor, OSHA, states that 6.5 million people work in 252,000 construction sites in the country on a given day, so 1 out of 5 accidents in the workplace result in fatalities at the construction job site.

People’s lives who have been affected by are turned upside down in a split second.  Not knowing where to turn, victims and their families face a series of unexpected expenses and mounting medical bills. Our personal injury attorneys at Advocates USA specialize in workplace and construction accidents throughout Florida state and we can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.  You have rights as an employee and you need to explore these options.  You could be compensated for any missed work, future earning capacity, pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Below we have listed the most common causes of construction accidents.

Common causes for work accidents in construction 

Falls in the workplace – work accidents in West Palm Beach, Florida

Construction work requires the duties to be performed in high places. If workers do not follow the necessary safety measures and protocols, the consequences can be severe and catastrophic to the workers’ lives.  

As an employee at the construction site, you must be attentive and adhere to the safety regulations set forth. Owners and contractors must keep the construction site safe and clear from potential hazards. Guardrails or safety devices should be installed to reduce the risks of falling. However, often, these measures are not taken to save on the bottom line.  

If you suffer injuries from a fall at the workplace, we advise you to consult with a personal injury attorney specializing in workplace and construction accidents at Advocates USA. The person or entity that is responsible for the facility where the accident occurred can be held liable.

Blows by falling objects – Work accident in West Palm Beach, Florida

Construction workers who perform tasks on the ground often suffer injuries from falling objects from construction equipment, tools, materials, among other stuff.  These accidents usually occur while working below cranes or when work is conducted in high areas of construction.  Blows to your body by falling objects often cause head and eye injuries.

As , we often see these types of accidents. It is crucial, as construction workers, to always wear your safety gear and equipment. Having facial and eye protection can save your life.

If you suffer injuries from falling objects at a construction site accident, remember to consult with an experienced work accident and personal injury attorney. Our attorneys have the resources to be able to investigate the accident to prove liability effectively.

Speaking with safety industry experts to analyze the construction accident will allow us to verify that negligence contributed to the accident through damaged objects, lack of safety protocol, or faulty machinery.

Tools and work machinery with defects – Occupational accident in West Palm Beach, Florida

Construction work involves heavy machinery and power tools; if there is a defect in them, either because the machinery arrived faulty or because of wear and tear, the consequence can be detrimental.

It is crucial to have safety protection such as gloves, helmets, and lenses to ensure machinery’s safe handling. Usually, these machines and tools must be verified and have safety marking to support their use. If you do not have it and suffered an accident, you can demand the necessary compensation for injuries.

Pollution by toxic substances – Work accident in West Palm Beach, Florida

The risks of being exposed to chemicals in construction areas can lead to health problems, including cancer, irritation, traumatic injuries, and more. Gases used in welding, for example, are dangerous to the body and highly flammable. Also, products such as paint, cement, among others, can cause problems for workers if they are damaged or are not handled correctly. It is essential not to use chemical products without knowing their characteristics and ensure the products are not expired or damaged.

Crushing – Work accident in West Palm Beach, Florida

Ditches or collapses from an excavation typically cause crushing accidents. These types of accidents can cause suffocation or oxygen depletion.

Experts should monitor construction work to verify the work performed to avoid hazards that cause injury or create a dangerous environment for employees.

If you have been involved in a construction site accident, it is crucial to contact a personal injury attorney specializing in workplace accidents in Florida. Our work accident attorneys at Advocates USA will help investigate the cause of the accident and ensure the company was adequate with the proper safety protocols.

Consult with the best work accident attorney near you

Our , have significant experience helping work accident victims on the job. We have won millions of dollars in compensation for our clients for damages, lost wages, medical expenses, and other compensatory damages. Our construction accident attorneys at   in West Palm Beach, Florida, are at your disposal. Contact the attorneys for the injured for more information or to schedule a free consultation. We are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-872-4878.

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