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Accidents happen every day, occur suddenly, and when you least expect it. Most people operating vehicles, commercial vehicles, or construction equipment go through the motions to eliminate the risks of accidents, but accidents can occur due to human error.  Take, for instance, a crane accident that occurred in Fort Lauderdale last month.  A homeowner had a shed lifted into place by hiring a subcontractor using a crane when the ground gave way.  The crane operator questioned the homeowner before the accident if there was a septic tank, and the owner advised there was not.  The land was not stable, causing the crane to fall over on top of a neighbor’s house, causing thousands of dollars in property damage. 

Thankfully no one was in the home at the time of the crane accident in South Florida, but the owner will be seeking legal action.   The investigation is still underway.

What Damages Can Occur In Construction Accidents?

Construction of any sort is considered one of the most dangerous industries.  Florida is under construction every direction you turn, which makes the possibility of injury increased.  When heavy machinery and objects are projecting high in the air, the chances of construction accidents are ever-present. They can lead to loss of income, expensive medical bills, emotional and psychological distress, costly property damage, and long term health concerns.  

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How Can Construction Accident Attorneys Help Me?

If a construction accident damaged you or your property, Advocates USA is here to help.  Our construction accident lawyers will investigate the cause of your injuries and damage done to determine liability.  Our experts will build a strong case to get the compensation you deserve.  

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