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After car accidents, slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of death and injuries. Furthermore, a chilling statistic, every hour, an older person dies due to a fall. You can be the most cautious and aware person, but accidents happen and usually result from others’ negligent actions. If you or someone you love tripped, slipped, or fallen in a public space or condominium, contact our Florida slip and fall attorneys at Advocates USA to learn more. Call us today for a free consultation at 1-800-872-4878.

Most common types of condo slip and fall injuries

You may think that you are free from dangers because you are in the building you reside in or visiting. But, unfortunately, hazards can go unnoticed especially when it is left to the human eye. The most common injuries that our trusted personal injury attorneys see from condo slip and fall accidents include:

  • Herniated disc
  • Head injuries
  • Hip fractures
  • Back and neck injuries.
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Fatal injuries

Five Common Florida Condo Slip and Fall Accident Claims

Florida slip and fall accidents caused by HOA negligence in a condominium, the burden of proof lies with the injured victim. Although this may seem unfair, you must prove the association was negligent to win your personal injury claim if you were injured on the condo property. So how do you prove negligence against a condo association or HOA?

Below, Advocates USA has outlined the most common types of accidents on condominium premises and how to prove negligence to each kind of accident.

Pool slip and fall at a condominium

Most Florida condo buildings have a pool, or you visit family or friends who have a pool in their building. However, if you slip, trip, or fall in a pool accident, you must prove the condo failed to provide a duty of care, and as a result, someone was injured. The condo or HOA association is responsible for keeping the pool area free of hazards or dangers to eliminate pool injuries. Still, when that duty is breached, and you suffer injuries, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim with our slip and fall attorneys.

Lobby slip and fall in a condominium

Upon entering a condominium, the lobby needs to be free of water, broken tiles, or glass when entering, free of worn-out floor mats inside and outside the condo, and caution signs laid out if need be. If the condominium lacks the above, owners and their guests are not protected, and a slip and fall accident may occur.

Sidewalk slip and fall at a condominium property

Sidewalks owned by a condominium can pose significant hazards, including; inadequate or lack of warning signs, uneven surface, or cracked pavement. If you fell due to a sidewalk condition, our Florida slip and fall attorneys can help determine if the accident was considered negligence on the part of the condo association.

Stairway slip and fall in a condominium

Imagine you are taking your time walking up or down your condo’s stairway, and in a second, your feet slip out from underneath you and smack. You fell and are injured. Your condo or HOA association must maintain adequate lighting and eliminate hazardous situations. If you are injured in a stairway slip and fall accident, you will need to prove the association failed to provide a duty of care, and as a result, you suffered injuries.

Parking garage slip and fall in a condominium 

Believe it or not, parking garage slip and fall accidents are the most prevalent condo accidents. When entering and exiting the vehicle, people typically are not looking for hazards on the ground; they are searching in their bag for car keys, talking on their mobile, or carrying things. These accidents are caused by various possible hazards, including; poor lighting, fallen objects from vehicles or the ceiling, uneven surfaces, to debris. Therefore, the condo association must ensure their owners and guests are free of hazards.

What is a condominium association required to do to protect its tenants and owners?

Florida condo associations and their property managers must keep the condominium property in a reasonably safe condition. If any unsafe or dangerous conditions could cause harm that they know of or should know of, it must be repaired.  

You may think they need to go as far as having a lifeguard on duty to keep the residents and guests safe, but this isn’t the case. There is no legal duty for an association to provide this safety feature. Of course, like all things, condo associations and their HOA management have limits too. But, when it comes to maintenance and being free of reasonable safety hazards, yes, associations need to oblige.

Most frequent slip, trip, and fall condo and HOA accidents and why they occur:

  • The greenery around the property-Holes in the ground was caused by faulty sprinklers that were never covered up.
  • Tennis, basketball, or paddle court-cracks or holes in the court
  • Pool area- Inadequate or lack of signs, damaged stone in the pool, damaged or missing anti-slip materials, damaged ladder or steps.
  • Construction occurring in common areas often during renovation; there are several hazardous objects that tenants and owners can become injured.
  • Stairway-A lack of lighting, handrails, water leaks, and cracked or uneven surfaces can lead to injuries.
  • Parking garage or parking lot-uneven, holes or cracked surfaces, lack of lighting, oil leakage or other substance that is slippery, debris can lead to injury.
  • Lobby or entrance-debris or wet floors, damaged, missing, or crumpled floor mat can lead to injury
  • Elevators-If the floor is uneven or wet, it can lead to injury
  • Fitness Center-the shower areas are lacking anti-slip material, electric cords that are not secure, or damaged workout equipment
  • Sidewalk or walkways managed by the association-uneven surfaced, cracked, damaged or holes in the cement, or raised tree roots can cause injury

If you are injured, remember to do the following:

  • Report your fall to the association manager
  • Obtain a copy of the report
  • Provide an accurate assessment of your injuries.
  • Obtain condominium surveillance 
  • Provide a precise analysis of your injuries to your medical provider, building management, and your attorney. 

Call our Florida slip and fall accident attorneys today!

Our attorneys at Advocates USA understand how accidents can cause your life to be turned upside down in a moment and the financial impact it causes. If you have been injured in a slip trip and fall accident at a condominium caused by the negligence of the property, call us today at 1-800-872-4878. You may be entitled to compensation. Let us do the time-consuming and legal work while you focus on getting better. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a free consultation. We are the attorneys for the injured.


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