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2021 Top 10 scary driving statistics | crash attorneys in Florida

Our Florida state car accident attorneys at Advocates USA have compiled the top 2021 scary driving statistics. But, unfortunately, some of these statistics are often overlooked, and we forget how dangerous driving can be.  

Driving is something we do every day. We get in the car to go to work, transport our children, run errands, or visit family, but we never stop to think how dangerous it can be. With so many other drivers partaking in distracted driving, driving under the influence, or performing other dangerous driving behaviors, many of us need to wake up and face reality.

Dangers of driving recap

Did you realize the most dangerous thing you do daily is drive your car? It is true. Driving continues to be the one activity we perform daily that is the most dangerous activity. Think about it; we are in our vehicles almost every day either as a passenger or driver. It is something that comes naturally; it’s routine. Although fatal driving statistics have improved over time, driving continues to be the number one cause of death for most age groups.

How likely is it to be involved in a car accident?

Let us note; we are not writing this to scare you, instead to create awareness. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, two out of three motorists will be involved in an accident that causes injuries in their life. And if that is not scary enough, statistics show that you are likely to be involved in an accident once every ten years as a motorist. And even more alarming, you have a 1 in 20 chance that the car accident you are involved in will result in severe injury. Those are scary statistics! And to think, driving is something we do routinely every day without thinking twice about it. You could be the safest, most alert driver, but you can not control other people’s actions.

Do you want to read more chilling statistics? Below we have put together driving statistics for 2021 everyone should know.

1.  Speeding is the cause of most fatalities and accidents

When we refer to speeding, it doesn’t only mean driving over the speed limit. You could be traveling under the speed limit, but you are going too fast, speeding, and out of control. Did you know traveling at high velocity is linked to most accidents? Driving too fast accounts for one-third of all accident fatalities.

Depending on the road conditions, curves or bends in the road increased pedestrians or cyclists, and weather conditions, drivers need to adjust. Just because a speed limit is indicated does not mean that’s the velocity you should travel. Constantly adjust your speed based on the conditions presented.

2.  Operating a vehicle in bad weather is extremely dangerous

Avoiding driving while there is bad weather, such as a storm, heavy rain, snow, or other unsafe weather conditions, can potentially save you from an accident. Car accidents caused by bad weather conditions kill more people annually than any other weather-related death, for example, tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods.

Your reaction time, coupled with the time it takes to come to a complete stop in snow or ice, is ten times longer. Driving too fast while it is raining can cause you to hydroplane off the road or into another vehicle. Maintaining a safe distance between you and the car in front, especially during bad weather conditions, is vital.

3.  Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do daily 

Driving is routine for us, and it is something that is second nature. But, unfortunately, it is the most dangerous thing we do because most of us are in the car almost every day.

Roughly 3,000 people die daily due to motor vehicle accidents. That’s more than 1,000,000 fatal accidents every year. The only time we saw a dip in deadly accidents was during the pandemic when we had orders to stay home. However, since 2007 car accident deaths have gradually increased.

4.  If asked to take the written driving exam today, most would fail

Think back to how long ago you got your license. 15,20, 30 years ago? Can you remember some of the rules and regulations of driving? The answer is probably, no. Most of us have most likely forgotten. Roughly 40% of licensed drivers would fail a driving test if given today. 

5.  Permanent injuries occur every year due to car accidents 

These stats send chills up my spine. We often hear statistics on fatal accidents but not much on permanent injuries. Over 5,000 people are permanently injured every day in car accidents. This means victims who sustain injuries will never recover in their life. This is roughly two million people suffer from permanent damages caused by auto accidents. 

6.  New drivers are the most dangerous drivers.

In most states, 16 years old is the legal driving age in the United States, with limitations. As the teenager advances in years, more freedom is given. In Florida, teenagers can only get their license after completing a year with a learning driver’s permit and pass their exams. In addition, 16-year-old teenagers are prohibited from driving from 11 pm to 6 am unless accompanied by a 21-year-old or older. While 17-year-old teenagers are banned from driving from 1 am to 5 am unless accompanied by at least a 21-year-old.

It’s no surprise that teenagers are responsible for the highest rate of car accidents. Putting a new teen driver behind the wheel is a lot of responsibility and dangerous, especially the first year after obtaining their license. Like with any new skill, practice makes perfect; in this case, practice makes drivers more comfortable, aware, and cautious. Regardless of the age one begins to drive; we should expect accidents to occur. 

7.  Aggressive driving is real and dangerous.

Since the pandemic, we as a society have seen road rage and aggressive driving increase. It’s real, and it’s dangerous. Statistics show that male drivers between the ages of 19-39 are the culprits, and over 60% of fatal accidents are caused by aggressive driving. People are shooting at each other on the roadways, injuring innocent drivers, pushing each other off the road, and traveling at high speeds. Aggressive driving and road rage typically doesn’t just affect two vehicles. Innocent drivers get hurt as well. 

8.  Pedestrian accidents are increasing.

Here is a sad statistic, pedestrian fatalities have increased by 30% over the last ten years. Cities and towns are becoming more walking friendly. People are using their bikes or feet to get around as opposed to taking their vehicles. And people are becoming more environmentally conscious purchasing electric vehicles. Electric cars are quieter, making it difficult for pedestrians to hear the cars approaching. And lastly, there are more distracted drivers on the road. All these factors have been attributed to the increase in pedestrian fatalities. 

If a vehicle is traveling at a slower velocity and strikes a pedestrian, the chance of survival is increased. For example, statistics show if a vehicle traveling about 20 mph hits a pedestrian, the person has a 90% chance of survival. At the same time, the chance of survival decreases when the speed increases. Therefore, regardless of how fast a car travels, a person will most likely sustain lifelong injuries if a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle.

9.  Reversing can be just as dangerous as forward driving

If you calculate on a per-mile basis, reversing is more dangerous than driving forward. Roughly 250 people die each year due to vehicles backing up. Of that number, 30% or about 75 people are children under five years old.  

You would think since most vehicles come equipped with backup cameras and blind-spot sensors, this number would be lower. However, be aware of everything around you, check your mirrors, and turn your head to check. You could save a life.

10.  Where car accidents are likely to take place

It is scary to think most car or motorcycle accidents occur within a 20-mile radius of someone’s home.  

Most of our population lives in urban areas, and most traffic exists in urban areas; 20% of others live in rural areas. About half of all accidents happen in rural areas, and it is the place where most motorcycle fatalities occur. Why would this be? There are long roads with little traffic, and motorcycles can travel at higher speeds. However, more animals are likely to run out in front of them, or other vehicles are distracted and crash into the motorcycle.

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Although most of these statistics are scary and make you think twice before you put your key in the ignition, not all new is bad. Driving is getting safer. Vehicles are improving their design with enhanced safety features, roadways are improving, and people are using their cars less. Instead, people are relying on public transportation, rideshare vehicles, walking, or biking.

If you or a loved one has become one of these statistics, call our Florida car accident attorneys today for a free consultation. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, Advocates USA can help you with a personal injury claim to get you the compensation you deserve.  We are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-872-4878. We represent all victims in Florida State.


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